JDK 10 Early Access Release Notes

Last Updated: 2017/11/17

The following is a draft of the Release Notes that will be shipped with JDK 10. Until this version releases the contents are subject to change.

Since build 32  Integrations

 The java.security.acl APIs are deprecated, for removal

The deprecated java.security.acl APIs are now marked with forRemoval=true and are subject to removal in a future version of Java SE.

See JDK-8175094
 The java.security.{Certificate,Identity,IdentityScope,Signer} APIs are deprecated, for removal

The deprecated java.security.{Certificate, Identity, IdentityScope, Signer} classes are now marked with forRemoval=true and are subject to removal in a future version of Java SE.

See JDK-8175091

Since build 29  Integrations

 Automatic showing of the touch keyboard for Swing/AWT text components

This release adds support for automatic showing of the touch keyboard for Swing/AWT text components on Microsoft Windows 8 or later. The touch keyboard can be shown, when the user taps the text component area using a touch screen or clicks in this area using a mouse, when no keyboard is attached to a computer. The system property "awt.touchKeyboardAutoShowIsEnabled" controls whether this functionality is enabled in the JDK, and it is enabled by default. If this functionality is not needed, the user can switch it off by setting this system property to "false" on the command line with "-Dawt.touchKeyboardAutoShowIsEnabled=false".

See JDK-8166772

Since build 25  Integrations

 Remove policytool

The policytool security tool has been removed from the JDK.

See JDK-8148371

Since build 23  Integrations

 Removal of common DOM APIs

The com.sun.java.browser.plugin2.DOM, and sun.plugin.dom.DOMObject APIs have been removed. Applications can use netscape.javascript.JSObject to manipulate the DOM.

JDK-8133601 (not public)
 Flat Profiler has been removed

The FlatProfiler, enabled by setting "-Xprof" VM argument, has been deprecated since JDK 9, and in JDK 10 we are obsoleting it, by removing the implementation code. The "-Xprof" flag remains recognized, in this release, but setting it will print out a warning message.

See JDK-8173715

Since build 21  Integrations

 Obsolete -X options have been removed

The obsolete HotSpot VM options (-Xoss, -Xsqnopause, -Xoptimize, -Xboundthreads and -Xusealtsigs) have been removed in this release.

See JDK-8179018
 Remove deprecated classes in com.sun.security.auth.**

The following deprecated classes that were marked for removal in JDK 9 have been removed:

See JDK-8159544

Since build 20  Integrations

 Provide a new comment tag to specify the summary of an API description.

By default, the summary of an API description is inferred from the first sentence, which is determined by using either a simple algorithm or java.text.BreakIterator. But, the heuristics are not always correct, and can lead to incorrect determination of the end of the first sentence. A new inline tag {@summary ...} is now available, to explicitly specify the text to be used as the summary of the API description. Please refer to Documentation Comment Specification for the Standard Doclet.

See JDK-8173425

Since build 16  Integrations

 XMLInputFactory.newFactory incorrectly deprecated

A '@Deprecated' annotation was incorrectly added to the 'newFactory()' method in 'javax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory' in Java SE 9. The method should not have been deprecated. This issue has been fixed and the '@Deprecated' annotation removed. Applications using the 'newInstance()' method are not affected.

See JDK-8183519

Since build 14  Integrations

 The old (JDK6 era) standard doclet is removed

The old (JDK6, JDK7 and JDK8 era) standard doclet, which outputs HTML content, and which has been superseded by a replacement, has been removed in this release. The underlying javadoc API (see com.sun.javadoc in the API documentation) has been deprecated, but is still available for the time being, for use by user-provided doclets.

See JDK-8177511

Since build 10  Integrations

 Java launcher's data model options -d32 and -d64 are removed

The java launchers data model selection options namely (-d32, -d64, -J-d32 and -J-d64) are obsolete and were deprecated previously, these options are now removed. To prevent the launcher from failing, users must remove usages of these options when invoking the java launcher or a tool such as javac, javah etc.

See JDK-8180286