Cumulative Issues Fixed in 11

# JBS Component Subcomponent Build Summary
1 JDK-8196468 client-libs b01 Client jtreg ProblemList updates
2 JDK-8193483 client-libs b01 Update client-libs ProblemList.txt
3 JDK-8197808 client-libs b04 Test java/awt/Dialog/MakeWindowAlwaysOnTop/ fails on Windows
4 JDK-8198693 client-libs b04 Update ProblemsList for mac
5 JDK-8194489 client-libs 2d b01 Incorrect size computation at BandedSampleModel.createDataBuffer()
6 JDK-8196218 client-libs 2d b01 [linux] libfontmanager should be linked against headless awt library
7 JDK-8176795 client-libs 2d b01 Wrong color drawn when painting translucent colors on volatile images using XRender.
8 JDK-8189201 client-libs java.awt b01 [macosx] NotSerializableException during JFrame with MenuBar serialization
9 JDK-8196509 client-libs java.awt b01 Linux UI applications broken by the build change for JDK-8196218
10 JDK-8198612 client-libs java.awt b04 Headful closed tests should not be run in headless mode
11 JDK-8197926 client-libs java.awt b04 java/awt/dnd/ImageTransferTest/ doesnt close the windows in HiDPI setting
12 JDK-8196322 client-libs java.awt b04 [macosx] When the screen menu bar is used, clearing the default menu bar should permit AWT shutdown
13 JDK-8197546 client-libs java.awt b04 Fix for 8171000 breaks Solaris + Linux builds
14 JDK-8171000 client-libs java.awt b04 Robot.createScreenCapture() crashes in wayland mode
15 JDK-8197903 client-libs java.awt b04 Add a headless tests to the client-nightly
16 JDK-8190997 client-libs javax.imageio b01 PNGImageReader throws NullPointerException when PLTE section is missing
17 JDK-8191023 client-libs javax.imageio b01 PngReader throws NegativeArraySizeException when keyword length exceeds chunk size
18 JDK-8191073 client-libs javax.imageio b01 JpegImageReader throws IndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to read image data from tables-only image
19 JDK-8191174 client-libs javax.imageio b01 PngReader throws IllegalArgumentException because ScanlineStride calculation logic is not proper
20 JDK-8196443 client-libs javax.swing b01 javax/swing/JList/ has invalid tag
21 JDK-8190192 client-libs javax.swing b01 Double click on the title bar no longer repositions the window
22 JDK-7007967 client-libs javax.swing b01 DefaultRowSorter: incorrect sorting due to not updating comparator cache
23 JDK-8190281 client-libs javax.swing b01 Code cleanup in src\java.desktop\share\classes\javax\swing\tree\
24 JDK-8197499 client-libs javax.swing b04 RepaintManager does not increase double buffer after attaching a device with higher resolution
25 JDK-8198004 client-libs javax.swing b04 javax/swing/JFileChooser/6868611/ throws error
26 JDK-8197549 client-libs javax.swing b04 Implement a new method similar to waitState() on Operator which run the check on event queue
27 JDK-8198005 client-libs javax.swing b04 javax/swing/JFileChooser/7199708/ throws error
28 JDK-5076761 client-libs javax.swing b04 JList.setSelectedValue(null, ...) doesn't do anything
29 JDK-8197482 client-libs javax.swing b04 Make Jemmy ComponentChooser lambda friendly
30 JDK-8194070 core-libs b01 Update various tests to pass under JDK 11
31 JDK-8199120 core-libs b04 (so) SocketChannelImpl read/write don't need stateLock when channel is configured non-blocking
32 JDK-8193832 core-libs b01 Performance of InputStream.readAllBytes() could be improved
33 JDK-8194154 core-libs b02 System property user.dir should not be changed
34 JDK-8193861 core-libs b01 Typos in API documentation of File.toPath() and InetSocketAddress.getAddress()
35 JDK-8197538 core-libs b04 Remove mention of hotjava paths in
36 JDK-8197812 core-libs java.lang b02 (ref) Data race in Finalizer
37 JDK-8196127 core-libs java.lang b01 Dead code in
38 JDK-8194879 core-libs java.lang b01 Runtime.Version parses string which does not conform to spec without throwing IAE
39 JDK-8191170 core-libs java.lang b01 Clarify if java.class.path can be undefined
40 JDK-8196740 core-libs java.lang b01 Character.digit(int,int) returns wrong value for out of range radix
41 JDK-8196331 core-libs java.lang b01 Optimize Character.digit for latin1 input
42 JDK-8193780 core-libs java.lang b01 (ref) Remove the undocumented "jdk.lang.ref.disableClearBeforeEnqueue" system property
43 JDK-8198249 core-libs java.lang b03 Remove deprecated Runtime::runFinalizersOnExit and System::runFinalizersOnExit
44 JDK-8198653 core-libs java.lang b03 ClassLoader::getSystemClassLoader throws InternalError when called after shutdown
45 JDK-8198955 core-libs java.lang b04 String#repeat loop optimization
46 JDK-4993841 core-libs java.lang b04 (str) java.lang.Character should have a toString(int) method
47 JDK-8137326 core-libs java.lang b04 Methods for comparing CharSequence, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer
48 JDK-8198970 core-libs java.lang b04 jnu_util.c compilation error on Solaris
49 JDK-8198841 core-libs java.lang b04 Thread.interrupt should set interrupt status while holding blockerLock
50 JDK-8197594 core-libs java.lang b04 String#repeat
51 JDK-8194554 core-libs java.lang.invoke b01 filterArguments runs multiple filters in the wrong order
52 JDK-8195694 core-libs java.lang.invoke b01 ConstantBootstraps.invoke does not preserve variable arity
53 JDK-8145371 core-libs java.lang.invoke b01 ClassCastException thrown in LambdaFormEditor.getInCache
54 JDK-8198418 core-libs java.lang.invoke b02 Invoke LambdaMetafactory::metafactory exactly from the BootstrapMethodInvoker
55 JDK-8198523 core-libs java.lang.invoke b02 Refactor BootstrapMethodInvoker to further avoid runtime type checks
56 JDK-8198492 core-libs java.lang.invoke b03 Bootstrapping java.lang.invoke can cause deadlock after JDK-8198418
57 JDK-8198831 core-libs java.lang.invoke b03 Lazy initialization of ValueConversions MethodHandles
58 JDK-8198755 core-libs java.lang.invoke b03 Reduce cost of InvokerBytecodeGenerator::isStaticallyInvocable/-Nameable
59 JDK-8198375 core-libs java.lang.invoke b03 Passing 'null' value to lookup param of ConstantBootstraps.invoke does not throw NullPointerException
60 JDK-8198888 core-libs java.lang.invoke b04 Reduce string allocation churn in InvokerBytecodeGenerator
61 JDK-8194644 core-libs java.lang.module b01 Typo in javadoc
62 JDK-8198480 core-libs java.lang:class_loading b03 Improve ClassLoaders static init block
63 JDK-8198484 core-libs java.lang:class_loading b03 URLClassPath should use an ArrayDeque instead of a Stack
64 JDK-8198485 core-libs java.lang:class_loading b03 Simplify a URLClassPath constructor
65 JDK-8198481 core-libs java.lang:class_loading b03 Coding style cleanups for src/java.base/share/classes/jdk/internal/loader
66 JDK-8198482 core-libs java.lang:class_loading b03 The URLClassPath field "urls" should be renamed to "unopenedUrls"
67 JDK-8197849 core-libs b01 Misc improvements to jar resource handling
68 JDK-8194676 core-libs b01 NullPointerException is thrown if ipaddress is not set.
69 JDK-8195059 core-libs b01 Update Socket and DatagramSocket implementations to use Cleaner
70 JDK-8169358 core-libs b04 httpserver does not close connections when RejectedExecutionException occurs
71 JDK-8179307 core-libs java.nio b01 Java_sun_nio_ch_KQueue_keventPoll throws an exception with "kqueue failed" instead of "kevent poll failed".
72 JDK-8197498 core-libs java.nio b01 (se) kevent polling should ignore signal interrupt (EINTR)
73 JDK-8193802 core-libs java.nio b01 NullPointerException from JarFileSystem.getVersionMap()
74 JDK-8193085 core-libs java.nio b01 Vectorize the nio Buffer equals and compareTo implementations
75 JDK-8191416 core-libs java.nio b01 (bf) DirectByteBuffer extends MappedByteBuffer, confuses instanceof tests
76 JDK-8196787 core-libs java.nio b01 (ch) Moving network channels to use j.u.c locks
77 JDK-8166253 core-libs java.nio b01 (ch) FileLock object can get GC'd and result in unexpected release of file lock
78 JDK-8165852 core-libs java.nio b01 (fs) Mount point not found for a file which is present in overlayfs
79 JDK-8198754 core-libs java.nio b03 (ch) Separate blocking and non-blocking code paths (part 2)
80 JDK-8199015 core-libs java.nio b04 (se) SocketChannelImpl.translateXXXOps access channel state without synchronization
81 JDK-8198928 core-libs java.nio b04 (so) SocketChannel connect may deadlock if closed at around same time that connect fails
82 JDK-8166339 core-libs java.nio.charsets b01 Code conversion working behavior was changed for x-IBM834
83 JDK-8198966 core-libs java.nio.charsets b04 To make CoderResult.Cache.cache final and allocate it eagerly.
84 JDK-8187653 core-libs java.nio.charsets b04 Lock in CoderResult.Cache becomes performance bottleneck
85 JDK-8146656 core-libs java.text b01 [Doc] Wrong Months Array for DateFormatSymbols
86 JDK-8194412 core-libs java.time b01 Adding 256 units of IsoFields.QUARTER_YEARS broken
87 JDK-8196609 core-libs java.time b01 Improve javadoc for java.time.Instant.getEpochSecond
88 JDK-8164278 core-libs java.util b01 java.util.Base64.EncOutputStream/DecInputStream is slower than corresponding version in javax.mail package
89 JDK-8197988 core-libs java.util b01 T2 test javax/net/ssl/interop/ failed after JDK-8164278
90 JDK-8176379 core-libs java.util b01 java.util.Base64 mime encoder behaves incorrectly if initialized with a line length of size 1-3
91 JDK-8196869 core-libs java.util b01 Optimize Locale creation
92 JDK-8191483 core-libs java.util.concurrent b01 AbstractQueuedSynchronizer cancel/cancel race
93 JDK-8193300 core-libs java.util.concurrent b01 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2018-01
94 JDK-8190324 core-libs java.util.concurrent b01 ThreadPoolExecutor should not specify a dependency on finalization
95 JDK-8195590 core-libs java.util.concurrent b01 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2018-02
96 JDK-6372077 core-libs java.util.jar b04 JarFile.getManifest() should handle manifest attribute name 70 bytes
97 JDK-8196768 core-libs java.util.logging b01 RootLoggerHandlers fails when source tree is read-only
98 JDK-8195096 core-libs java.util.logging b01 Exception printed on console with custom LogManager on starting Apache Tomcat
99 JDK-8198490 core-libs java.util.logging b03 java/util/logging/ timed out.
100 JDK-8179608 core-libs java.util.regex b01 Error in comment in
101 JDK-8197462 core-libs java.util.regex b01 Inconsistent exception messages for invalid capturing group names
102 JDK-8194667 core-libs java.util.regex b01 Regex: Serialization doesn't work with match flags
103 JDK-8197893 core-libs java.util:collections b01 Mistaken type check in CheckedEntrySet.toArray
104 JDK-8196207 core-libs java.util:collections b01 Inefficient ArrayList.subList().toArray()
105 JDK-8197829 core-libs java.util:i18n b01 Optimize CLDRCalendarDataProviderImpl::retrieveInteger
106 JDK-8198228 core-libs java.util:i18n b02 Spec clarification: j.u.Locale.getDisplayName()
107 JDK-8193767 core-libs java.util:i18n b01 Improve javadoc in ResourceBundle working with modules
108 JDK-8190904 core-libs java.util:i18n b02 Incorrect currency instance returned by java.util.Currency.getInstance()
109 JDK-8060094 core-libs java.util:i18n b03 java/util/Formatter/ failed in tr locale
110 JDK-8187950 core-libs javax.lang.model b04 javax.lang.model APIs throws CompletionFailure or a subtype of CompletionFailure.
111 JDK-8011697 core-libs javax.script b01 ScriptEngine "js" randomly means either "rhino" or "nashorn", but should instead select one
112 JDK-8195829 core-libs jdk.nashorn b01 Parsing a nameless ES6 class results in a thrown NullPointerException.
113 JDK-8194985 core-libs jdk.nashorn b01 JavaAdapterBytecodeGenerator passes invalid type descriptor to ASM
114 JDK-8193371 core-libs jdk.nashorn b01 Use Dynalink REMOVE operation in Nashorn
115 JDK-8147614 core-libs jdk.nashorn b01 add jjs test for -t option
116 JDK-8157251 core-libs jdk.nashorn b01 BeanLinker relinks array length operations for array types
117 JDK-8199236 core-libs jdk.nashorn b04 Nashorn uses deprecated HTML tags in Javadoc
118 JDK-8080990 core-svc debugger b01 libdt_socket/socket_md.c(202) : warning C4996: 'gethostbyname': Use getaddrinfo() or GetAddrInfoW()
119 JDK-8167253 core-svc debugger b01 com.sun.jdi invokeMethod has duplicated @throws for InvalidTypeException
120 JDK-8194143 core-svc debugger b01 remove unneeded casts in LocationImpl and MirrorImpl classes
121 JDK-8187448 core-svc debugger b01 360 doc issues in jdwp-protocol.html
122 JDK-8191037 core-svc debugger b03 test nsk/jdb/exclude/exclude001 hangs with timeout : exit status: 151
123 JDK-8196909 core-svc debugger b03 gcc 7.2.1 compiler warning in libdt_socket
124 JDK-8198808 core-svc debugger b03 jdi tests failing after JDK-8198484
125 JDK-4916621 core-svc debugger b03 JDI tests: update those still using JDIScaffold to use TestScaffold instead
126 JDK-8198533 core-svc debugger b03 Remove obsolete JDIScaffold class from the repo
127 JDK-8196992 core-svc debugger b03 Resolve disabled warnings for libdt_socket
128 JDK-8198253 core-svc b04 ThreadInfo.from(CompositeData) incorrectly accepts CompositeData with missing JDK 6 attributes
129 JDK-8188856 core-svc tools b01 Incorrect file path in an exception message when .java_pid is not accessible on Unix
130 JDK-6640188 core-svc tools b01 Methods don't throw NullPointerException
131 JDK-8193710 core-svc tools b01 jcmd -l and jps commands do not list Java processes running in Docker containers
132 JDK-8195609 deploy webstart b01 DRS - cert based run rule not working when running offline
133 JDK-8194814 hotspot b01 [ppc, s390] A row of minor fixes and cleanups
134 JDK-8197412 hotspot b03 Enable docker container related tests for linux s390x
135 JDK-8198439 hotspot b03 Fix aarch64 code for handling generate_code_for after FastTLABFill obsolete code
136 JDK-8198825 hotspot b04 Resolve missing review feedback for JDK-8170976
137 JDK-8194990 hotspot compiler b01 3 Null pointer dereference defect groups related to CodeCache::find_blob_unsafe()
138 JDK-8194987 hotspot compiler b01 Null pointer dereference in escape.cpp related to Node::find_out_with()
139 JDK-8194984 hotspot compiler b01 9 Null pointer dereference defect groups related to ciMethodData::bci_to_data()
140 JDK-8194819 hotspot compiler b01 Update Graal
141 JDK-8196401 hotspot compiler b01 PPC64+s390: get_frame_at_stack_banging_point uses wrong PC
142 JDK-8194256 hotspot compiler b01 AARCH64: SIMD shift instructions are incorrectly encoded
143 JDK-8195685 hotspot compiler b01 AArch64 cannot build with JDK-8174962
144 JDK-8194861 hotspot compiler b01 PPC64: Need support for VSR spills in
145 JDK-8191915 hotspot compiler b01 JCK tests produce incorrect results with C2
146 JDK-8193193 hotspot compiler b01 AArch64: immByteMapBase operand generated for non-CardTable GCs
147 JDK-8193840 hotspot compiler b01 Add compiler/c2/ to the problem list
148 JDK-8195776 hotspot compiler b01 [x86,sparc] A row of minor fixes and enhancements.
149 JDK-8195064 hotspot compiler b01 LogCompilation: Chicken and egg startup problem with types
150 JDK-8194669 hotspot compiler b01 jaotc truncates the invalid filename provided to --output
151 JDK-8195588 hotspot compiler b01 AArch64: Codegen fix after JDK-8194256
152 JDK-8193930 hotspot compiler b01 [JVMCI] calling ResolvedTypeType.getClassInitializer on an array type crashes
153 JDK-8187676 hotspot compiler b01 Disable uninitialized warnings for two files until proper fix available
154 JDK-8193927 hotspot compiler b01 Optimize scanning code for oops.
155 JDK-8195979 hotspot compiler b01 [Graal] crash in src/hotspot/share/runtime/mutex.cpp:1341 when Graal JIT is used
156 JDK-8197828 hotspot compiler b03 Null pointer dereference in MultiNode::proj_out_or_null
157 JDK-8197608 hotspot compiler b03 MacroAssembler::unimplemented calls global operator new[]
158 JDK-8195103 hotspot compiler b03 Refactor ReduceInitialCardMarks to not assume all GCs use card marks
159 JDK-8197563 hotspot compiler b03 assert(is_Loop()) crash in PhaseIdealLoop::try_move_store_before_loop()
160 JDK-8193260 hotspot compiler b01 AArch64: JVMCI: Implement trampoline calls
161 JDK-8148871 hotspot compiler b04 Possible wrong expression stack depth at deopt point
162 JDK-8198703 hotspot compiler b04 Missing #include "gc/shared/cardTableModRefBS.hpp" in graphKit.hpp
163 JDK-8198252 hotspot compiler b04 Null pointer dereference in IfNode::fold_compares_helper
164 JDK-8196064 hotspot compiler b04 AArch64: Merging ld/st into ldp/stp in macro-assembler
165 JDK-8196868 hotspot compiler b04 AARCH64: ld/st instructions hit guarantee assert while using sp
166 JDK-8195632 hotspot compiler b04 [Graal] Introduce EagerJVMCI flag to force eager JVMCI initialization
167 JDK-8196883 hotspot gc b01 G1RemSet::refine_card_concurrently doesn't need to check for cards in collection set
168 JDK-8194312 hotspot gc b01 Support parallel and concurrent JNI global handle processing
169 JDK-8133805 hotspot gc b01 Remove the bot_updates parameter from G1Allocator's allocation methods
170 JDK-8137099 hotspot gc b01 G1 needs to "upgrade" GC within the safepoint if it can't allocate during that safepoint to avoid OoME
171 JDK-8195158 hotspot gc b01 Concurrent System.gc() is "upgraded" to stop-the-world System.gc()
172 JDK-8194898 hotspot gc b01 Move OopStorage inline definitions to an .inline.hpp
173 JDK-8193063 hotspot gc b01 Enabling narrowOop values for RawAccess accesses
174 JDK-8195000 hotspot gc b01 Clean out left-overs in arguments.hpp
175 JDK-8191904 hotspot gc b01 Refactor weak oops in ResolvedMethodTable to use the Access API
176 JDK-8129440 hotspot gc b01 G1 crash during concurrent root region scan
177 JDK-8191888 hotspot gc b01 Refactor ClassLoaderData::remove_handle to use the Access API
178 JDK-8191567 hotspot gc b01 Refactor ciInstanceKlass G1 keep alive barrier to use Access API.
179 JDK-8194824 hotspot gc b01 Add gc/stress/gclocker/ to the ProblemList file
180 JDK-8191894 hotspot gc b01 Refactor weak references in JvmtiTagHashmap to use the Access API
181 JDK-8192003 hotspot gc b01 Refactor weak references in StringTable to use the Access API
182 JDK-8187577 hotspot gc b01 JVM crash during gc doing concurrent marking
183 JDK-8197454 hotspot gc b03 Need Access decorator for storing oop into uninitialized location
184 JDK-8196602 hotspot gc b01 Change HeapRegionClosure to comply to naming conventions
185 JDK-7127700 hotspot gc b03 G1: Replace G1PLAB with PLAB
186 JDK-8197994 hotspot gc b03 Move JavaThread::initialize_queues() logic to G1SATBCardTableLoggingModRefBS
187 JDK-8197992 hotspot gc b03 Move the OopStorage::ParState type out of inline.hpp
188 JDK-8197993 hotspot gc b03 Remove last use of JavaThread::flush_barrier_queues()
189 JDK-8198369 hotspot gc b03 Clean up GCId and GCIdMark
190 JDK-8198267 hotspot gc b03 Allow GCId::current_raw() calls from non-NamedThreads
191 JDK-8198564 hotspot gc b03 Multiple crashes on SPARC
192 JDK-8198420 hotspot gc b03 Remove unused extension point AllocationContextStats
193 JDK-8197841 hotspot gc b04 Remove unused function Universe::create_heap_ext
194 JDK-8198507 hotspot gc b03 Remove CollectorPolicy::create_rem_set
195 JDK-8198509 hotspot gc b03 Move satisfy_failed_metadata_allocation out from CollectorPolicy
196 JDK-8198530 hotspot gc b03 Move _gc_policy_counters from GenCollectorPolicy to GenCollectedHeap
197 JDK-8198511 hotspot gc b03 Move allocation functions from GenCollectorPolicy to GenCollectedHeap
198 JDK-8198525 hotspot gc b03 Move _size_policy out of GenCollectorPolicy into GenCollectedHeap
199 JDK-8198528 hotspot gc b03 Move GenerationSpecs from GenCollectorPolicy to GenCollectedHeap
200 JDK-8198515 hotspot gc b03 Extract SoftReferencePolicy code out of CollectorPolicy
201 JDK-8198270 hotspot gc b03 Remove dangerous assert in HandleArea::oops_do()
202 JDK-8198271 hotspot gc b03 Make CollectedHeap::create_heap_space_summary() virtual
203 JDK-8198268 hotspot gc b03 Add time argument to ConcurrentGCTimer::register_gc_pause_start/_end
204 JDK-8198269 hotspot gc b03 Allow GCCauseSetter to be used outside of safepoints
205 JDK-8198265 hotspot gc b03 Make CollectorPolicy::satisfy_failed_metadata_allocation() virtual
206 JDK-8198286 hotspot gc b03 Direct memory accessors in typeArrayOop.hpp should use Access API
207 JDK-8197999 hotspot gc b03 Accessors in typeArrayOopDesc should use new Access API
208 JDK-8198373 hotspot gc b03 Remove CollectorPolicy::is/as functions
209 JDK-8195142 hotspot gc b04 Refactor out card table from CardTableModRefBS to flatten the BarrierSet hierarchy
210 JDK-8161605 hotspot jvmti b01 The '!UseSharedSpaces' check is not need in JvmtiManageCapabilities::recompute_always_capabilities
211 JDK-8196977 hotspot jvmti b01 add test for JDK-8161605
212 JDK-8187447 hotspot jvmti b01 2081 doc issues in jvmti.html
213 JDK-8153629 hotspot jvmti b01 Need to cover JVMTI's GetOwnedMonitorStackDepthInfo function
214 JDK-8196488 hotspot runtime b01 [aix] TOC overflow for in fastdebug build
215 JDK-8190235 hotspot runtime b01 Clarify ClassLoaderData::is_*_class_loader_data() method implementations
216 JDK-8194934 hotspot runtime b01 NMT: Remove MemTracker::get_virtual_memory_xxx_tracker(), create Tracker in place
217 JDK-8196907 hotspot runtime b01 Fix minimal vm
218 JDK-8193308 hotspot runtime b01 Disallow installing user signal handlers for SIGBUS on OSX
219 JDK-8196062 hotspot runtime b01 Enable docker container related tests for linux ppc64le
220 JDK-8193184 hotspot runtime b01 NMT: Report array class count in NMT summary
221 JDK-8196083 hotspot runtime b01 Avoid locking in OopStorage::release
222 JDK-8196923 hotspot runtime b01 [REDO] NMT: Report array class count in NMT summary
223 JDK-8196806 hotspot runtime b01 Deprecate VMThreadHintNoPreempt and CompilerThreadHintNoPreempt
224 JDK-8181503 hotspot runtime b01 Can't compile hotspot with c++11
225 JDK-8194086 hotspot runtime b01 Remove deprecated experimental flag UseCGroupMemoryLimitForHeap
226 JDK-8194762 hotspot runtime b01 JTReg failure of "runtime/NMT/"
227 JDK-8167372 hotspot runtime b01 Add code to check for getting oops while thread is in native
228 JDK-8170941 hotspot runtime b01 Executing gtest with invalid -Xlog argument crashes gtestLauncher
229 JDK-8194406 hotspot runtime b01 Use Atomic::replace_if_null
230 JDK-8191374 hotspot runtime b01 Improve error message when CDS is not supported on exploded build
231 JDK-8194279 hotspot runtime b01 support zhaoxin x86 cpu vendor ids CentaurHauls and Shanghai
232 JDK-8192123 hotspot runtime b01 Zero should use compiler built-ins for atomics on linux-arm
233 JDK-8195107 hotspot runtime b01 CDS broken due to 8194741
234 JDK-8058259 hotspot runtime b01 compute_offset() is confusing for static fields
235 JDK-8195857 hotspot runtime b01 Remove os::is_headless_jre
236 JDK-8194652 hotspot runtime b01 VMError::print_native_stack() is missing an os::is_first_C_frame() check
237 JDK-8178351 hotspot runtime b01 Simplify MetaspaceShared::is_in_shared_space and MetaspaceObj::is_shared
238 JDK-8186903 hotspot runtime b01 Remove j-types from Atomic
239 JDK-8192927 hotspot runtime b01 os::dir_is_empty is incorrect on Windows
240 JDK-7179701 hotspot runtime b01 MaxJavaStackTraceDepth of zero is not handled correctly/consistently in the VM
241 JDK-8194736 hotspot runtime b01 Refactor weak oops in ProtectionDomain table to use the Access API
242 JDK-8193509 hotspot runtime b01 Test dynamic path to retrieve active processor count.
243 JDK-8194925 hotspot runtime b01 NMT: SummarySanityCheck test can't parse values > max_jint
244 JDK-8194741 hotspot runtime b01 Refactor oops in constant pool from CDS to use the Access API
245 JDK-8195691 hotspot runtime b01 AIX build broken after 8194312
246 JDK-8195690 hotspot runtime b01 JNI GetObjectRefType doesn't handle NULL
247 JDK-8196199 hotspot runtime b01 Remove miscellaneous oop comparison operators
248 JDK-8175249 hotspot runtime b01 VMThread::run fails in VerifyBeforeExit : Universe::verify
249 JDK-8154587 hotspot runtime b01 Resolution fails for default method named 'clone'
250 JDK-8196739 hotspot runtime b01 Disable obsolete/expired VM flag transitional warnings
251 JDK-8196217 hotspot runtime b01 NMT: add_committed_regions doesn't merge succeeding regions
252 JDK-8194246 hotspot runtime b01 JVM crashes when calling getStackTrace if stack contains a method that is a member of a very large class
253 JDK-8193897 hotspot runtime b01 JDK-8191374 caused windows_i586 build to fail
254 JDK-8152957 hotspot runtime b01 Improve specificity of safepoint logging to print safepoint type
255 JDK-8130038 hotspot runtime b01 Unify the semaphore usage in os_xxx.cpp
256 JDK-8130039 hotspot runtime b01 Move the platform-specific [OS]Semaphore code
257 JDK-8194763 hotspot runtime b01 os::signal_lookup is unused
258 JDK-8194691 hotspot runtime b03 Cleanup unnecessary casts in Atomic/OrderAccess uses
259 JDK-8197789 hotspot runtime b03 os::SuspendedThreadTask causes references to global operator delete
260 JDK-8197857 hotspot runtime b03 fieldDescriptor prints incorrect 32-bit representation of compressed oops
261 JDK-8193846 hotspot runtime b03 Obsolete the VM option UseUTCFileTimestamp
262 JDK-8196786 hotspot runtime b03 [PPC64+s390] ConstantDynamic support
263 JDK-8190359 hotspot runtime b01 Reduce the number of recorded klass dependencies
264 JDK-8194994 hotspot runtime b03 Remove redundant string streams used for logging
265 JDK-8197772 hotspot runtime b03 metaspace uses global operator new/delete for gtest testing
266 JDK-8198275 hotspot runtime b03 AIX build broken after latest whitebox.cpp changes
267 JDK-8179249 hotspot runtime b03 Improve process output analysis in CDS tests
268 JDK-8197572 hotspot runtime b03 s390 build broken after 8165929
269 JDK-8193373 hotspot runtime b03 Cleanup ElfFile and family
270 JDK-6909265 hotspot runtime b01 assert(_OnDeck != Self->_MutexEvent,"invariant") with -XX:+PrintMallocFree
271 JDK-8191375 hotspot runtime b03 Add high-level jtreg VMProps to filter out CDS tests
272 JDK-8196405 hotspot runtime b03 [REDO] NMT: add_committed_regions doesn't merge succeeding regions
273 JDK-8193056 hotspot runtime b03 build failure with Xcode 9.1
274 JDK-8198225 hotspot runtime b03 os::attempt_reserve_memory_at records memory as committed
275 JDK-8195112 hotspot runtime b03 x86 (32 bit): implementation for Thread-local handshakes
276 JDK-8197589 hotspot runtime b03 Update CPU count algorithm when both cpu shares and quotas are used
277 JDK-8198553 hotspot runtime b03 jcmd: separate Metaspace statistics from NMT
278 JDK-8198635 hotspot runtime b03 Remove unused safepoint message functions and ShowSafepointMsgs
279 JDK-8198560 hotspot runtime b03 Remove implicit casts from oop to JavaThread* and jlong*
280 JDK-8197780 hotspot runtime b03 Null pointer dereference in Klass::is_instance_klass of klass.hpp:532
281 JDK-8193364 hotspot runtime b01 verify_special_jvm_flags should not cause an assertion failure when version is bumped
282 JDK-8198474 hotspot runtime b04 Move JNIHandles::resolve into jniHandles.inline.hpp
283 JDK-8195065 hotspot runtime b04 runtime/appcds/ intermittent failure
284 JDK-8191369 hotspot runtime b04 NMT: Enhance thread stack tracking
285 JDK-8197864 hotspot runtime b04 VS2017 (C4334) Result of 32-bit Shift Implicitly Converted to 64 bits
286 JDK-8198833 hotspot runtime b04 TestMemoryAwareness Docker container fails with too small maximum heap
287 JDK-8198312 hotspot runtime b04 VS2017: Upgrade HOTSPOT_BUILD_COMPILER in vm_version.cpp
288 JDK-8187066 hotspot runtime b04 -Xlog:help "=debug" example is not quite accurate
289 JDK-8153945 hotspot runtime b04 Track if log configuration has changed during runtime
290 JDK-8198887 hotspot runtime b04 JDK-8168722 broke the build on macosx
291 JDK-8197906 hotspot runtime b03 Enable CDS mode execution of jtreg tests via make
292 JDK-8198558 hotspot runtime b03 Windows does not build without precompiled headers
293 JDK-8198304 hotspot runtime b04 VS2017 (C4838, C4312) Various conversion issues with gtest tests
294 JDK-8197408 hotspot runtime b04 Bad pointer comparison and small cleanup in os_linux.cpp
295 JDK-8194085 hotspot runtime b04 Obsolete the deprecated SafepointSynchronize flags and remove related code
296 JDK-8198750 hotspot runtime b04 [s390+x86_32+aarch64] Fix build after jdk-8195142
297 JDK-8168722 hotspot runtime b04 Unified Logging configuration output needs simplifying
298 JDK-8196882 hotspot runtime b04 VS2017 Hotspot Defined vsnprintf Function Causes C2084 Already Defined Compilation Error
299 JDK-8165929 hotspot runtime b03 Constify arguments of Copy methods
300 JDK-8196372 hotspot runtime b01 [BACKOUT] NMT: add_committed_regions doesn't merge succeeding regions
301 JDK-8182847 hotspot runtime b03 Copy class should use assert macros
302 JDK-8196783 hotspot runtime b03 Refactor LogTagLevelExpression into separate classes
303 JDK-8176298 hotspot runtime b03 Log tags in -Xlog:help not sorted
304 JDK-8194084 hotspot runtime b03 Obsolete FastTLABRefill and remove the related code
305 JDK-8198311 hotspot runtime b03 Avoid uses of global malloc and free
306 JDK-8196889 hotspot runtime b03 VS2017 Unable to Instantiate OrderAccess::release_store with an Incomplete Class Within an Inlined Method
307 JDK-8198341 hotspot runtime b03 Build failures after 8194084 (Obsolete FastTLABRefill and remove the related code)
308 JDK-8196997 hotspot runtime b03 VS2017 The non-Standard std::tr1 namespace and TR1-only machinery are deprecated and will be removed
309 JDK-8196880 hotspot runtime b03 VS2017 Addition of Global Delete Operator with Size Parameter Conflicts with Arena's Chunk Provided One
310 JDK-8196884 hotspot runtime b03 VS2017 Multiple Type Cast Conversion Compilation Errors
311 JDK-8197956 hotspot runtime b03 VS2017 (C4838) Narrowing conversion required from __int64 to julong
312 JDK-8197859 hotspot runtime b03 VS2017 Complains about UINTPTR_MAX definition in globalDefinitions_VisCPP.hpp
313 JDK-8068593 hotspot runtime b03 Remove or repurpose unused PerfCounters from objectMonitor
314 JDK-8198287 hotspot runtime b03 Cleanup ElfFile usage in whitebox.cpp
315 JDK-8184289 hotspot runtime b03 Obsolete -XX:+UnsyncloadClass and -XX:+MustCallLoadClassInternal options
316 JDK-8197868 hotspot runtime b03 VS2017 (C2065) 'timezone': Undeclared Identifier in share/runtime/os.cpp
317 JDK-8197827 hotspot runtime b03 [windows] Small cleanups after JDK-8185712
318 JDK-8197901 hotspot runtime b03 Crash during GC when logging level is debug
319 JDK-8191421 hotspot runtime b04 Deprecate PrintSafepointStatistics, PrintSafepointStatisticsTimeout and PrintSafepointStatisticsCount options
320 JDK-8198640 hotspot runtime b04 VS2017 (LNK4281) Link Warning Against Missed ASLR Optimization
321 JDK-8198554 hotspot runtime b04 Add fuzzy matching for log levels and tags when parsing -Xlog
322 JDK-8190346 hotspot runtime b04 improve unified JVM logging help message and warnings
323 JDK-8180709 hotspot svc b01 java -javaagent:agent.jar with run-time that does not contain java.instrument prints confusing error
324 JDK-8193352 hotspot svc-agent b01 SA: Test for the clhsdb 'thread' and 'threads' commands
325 JDK-8194249 hotspot svc-agent b01 SA: G1HeapRegionTable#getByAddress() returns incorrect HeapRegion
326 JDK-8175384 hotspot svc-agent b03 SA: clhsdb 'printall' throws ClassCastException while printing out the bytecodes
327 JDK-8194636 hotspot test b01 Apply CONCURRENCY_FACTOR to max value in concurrency calculation
328 JDK-8198551 hotspot test b03 Rename hotspot_tier1 test group to tier1
329 JDK-8196998 infrastructure b01 Create devkit for Linux with gcc 7.3
330 JDK-8193660 infrastructure b04 Check SOURCE line in "release" file for closedjdk
331 JDK-8199152 infrastructure b04 Configure broken for arm 32
332 JDK-8197865 infrastructure build b01 @moduleGraph taglet generates incorrect link to module graph
333 JDK-8198318 infrastructure build b02 Make build comparisons clean again
334 JDK-8198450 infrastructure build b02 Make jdk.internal.vm.compiler/ reproducable
335 JDK-8195813 infrastructure build b02 Change links in created pages from http to https
336 JDK-8198328 infrastructure build b02 Create devkit for Solaris with developer studio 12.6 and Solaris11.3
337 JDK-8198425 infrastructure build b02 make/Main.gmk Add extra extension/override points to the make file
338 JDK-8198306 infrastructure build b02 Add post custom extension hooks to two launchers
339 JDK-8198303 infrastructure build b02 jdk11+1 was build with incorrect GA date as 2018-03-20
340 JDK-8198301 infrastructure build b02 jdk11+1 was built as 'fcs' instead of 'ea'
341 JDK-8198227 infrastructure build b02 Fix COMPARE_BUILD after forest consolidation
342 JDK-8195689 infrastructure build b01 Remove and instead use autoconf
343 JDK-8196524 infrastructure build b01 Align MaxRAMPercentage settings between open and closed
344 JDK-8196365 infrastructure build b01 Overriding configure variable from custom hook generates warning
345 JDK-8196108 infrastructure build b01 Add build support for VS 2015/2017
346 JDK-8197571 infrastructure build b01 Change storage location for
347 JDK-8196985 infrastructure build b01 Disable new warnings from GCC 7.3 in jdk libraries
348 JDK-8196911 infrastructure build b01 Windows build fails with not finding zlib.h
349 JDK-8196895 infrastructure build b01 Create devkit for Macosx with Xcode 9.2
350 JDK-8193189 infrastructure build b01 Allow --boot-jdk to accept a .tar.gz compressed JDK image
351 JDK-8196356 infrastructure build b01 Changes to m4 files don't trigger autoconf execution at build time
352 JDK-8196879 infrastructure build b01 Forgot to add file in JDK-8196803
353 JDK-8196803 infrastructure build b01 Fix build warnings in jdk libraries with Xcode 9
354 JDK-8196585 infrastructure build b01 Make custom extension point additions
355 JDK-8196951 infrastructure build b01 jdk build fails with clang: error: no such file or directory: '@LIBZ_CFLAGS@'
356 JDK-8198627 infrastructure build b03 JDK-8198318 broke readlink testing
357 JDK-8198569 infrastructure build b03 SetupTextFileProcessing should use sed with 'g'
358 JDK-8196197 infrastructure build b01 Enable the make system to calculate concurrency for JDK tests
359 JDK-8199352 infrastructure build b04 The Jib artifact resolver in test lib needs to print better error messages
360 JDK-8199331 infrastructure build b04 Don't limit debug information for fastdebug JDK native libraries
361 JDK-8199266 infrastructure build b04 Update boot and build jdk requirements in configure
362 JDK-8198859 infrastructure build b04 Use elfedit to silence linker warnings on solaris
363 JDK-8199197 infrastructure build b04 Set _NT_SYMBOL_PATH when running tests on windows
364 JDK-8199339 infrastructure build b04 JDK-8198859 broke solaris x64
365 JDK-8198844 infrastructure build b04 Clean up GensrcX11Wrappers
366 JDK-8199103 infrastructure build b04 Can't use COMPARE_BUILD with PATCH from custom root
367 JDK-8199052 infrastructure build b04 Configure broken on aarch64
368 JDK-8199118 infrastructure build b04 Filtering of filename for microsoft CL broken on newer Cygwin
369 JDK-8199405 infrastructure build b04 Bump lowest supported gcc to 4.8
370 JDK-8198751 infrastructure build b03 Refactor SetupNativeCompilation to take NAME and TYPE
371 JDK-8199347 infrastructure build b04 Always use -Z7 for debug symbols when compiling on Windows
372 JDK-8199403 infrastructure build b04 Require binutils 2.18 or newer
373 JDK-8199416 infrastructure build b04 Remove debug output left over since JDK-8198844
374 JDK-8199338 infrastructure build b04 Use -g0 on solstudio also for compiling C programs
375 JDK-8199125 infrastructure build b04 --disable-warnings-as-errors does not work for native jtreg test code
376 JDK-8198862 infrastructure build b04 Stop doing funky compilation stuff for dtrace
377 JDK-8199224 infrastructure build b04 Refactor add_native_source in SetupNativeCompilation
378 JDK-8198724 infrastructure build b04 Refactor FLAGS handling in configure
379 JDK-8193838 other-libs other b01 Update jtreg requiredVersion to 4.2 b11 for JDK 11 and 12 support
380 JDK-8196583 other-libs other b01 Update jib and test jtreg version to 4.2 b12
381 JDK-8196081 other-libs other b01 Add support for customized intellij project templates
382 JDK-8197533 other-libs other b04 Split java.sql to create module java.transaction.xa
383 JDK-8191438 security-libs b01 jarsigner should print when a timestamp will expire
384 JDK-8195119 security-libs b01 Fine-tune output text in keytool
385 JDK-8194960 security-libs b01 Add a test for trust manager and cacerts keystore sanity
386 JDK-8190229 security-libs b01 Non-ASCII characters in file after 8186093
387 JDK-8193683 security-libs b01 Increase the number of clones in the CloneableDigest
388 JDK-8196823 security-libs b01 jarsigner should not create a signed jar if the signing fails
389 JDK-8199154 security-libs b04 Accessibility issues in
390 JDK-8197518 security-libs org.ietf.jgss b03 Kerberos krb5 authentication: AuthList's put method leads to performance issue
391 JDK-8014628 security-libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 b01 Support AES Encryption with HMAC-SHA2 for Kerberos 5 defined in RFC 8009
392 JDK-8177398 security-libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 b01 Exclude dot files ending with .conf from krb5.conf's includedir
393 JDK-8196508 tools b01 Add jdeprscan test to the problem list
394 JDK-8189102 tools b01 All tools should support -?, -h and --help
395 JDK-8198479 tools javac b02 JDK build is broken by 8194892
396 JDK-8187487 tools javac b01 crash with classes with same binary name
397 JDK-8193216 tools javac b01 Filer should warn if processors redefine symbols from the classpath or sourcepath
398 JDK-8194268 tools javac b01 Incorrect parameter names for synthetic methods
399 JDK-8194932 tools javac b01 no ambuguity error is emitted if classfile contains two identical methods with different return types
400 JDK-8179373 tools javac b01 javac -verbose logs the class path multiple times
401 JDK-8193779 tools javac b01 remove option to force the generation of indy for all lambdas once ASM understands condy
402 JDK-8195598 tools javac b01 Reference to overloaded method is ambiguous with 3 methods but works with 2
403 JDK-8194893 tools javac b01 javac -verbose prints wrong paths for output files
404 JDK-8190452 tools javac b01 javac should not add MethodParameters attributes to v51 and earlier class files
405 JDK-8152616 tools javac b01 generates nested comments for enum
406 JDK-8057650 tools javac b01 uniform error diagnostics for inconsistent inherited method signatures
407 JDK-8177486 tools javac b01 Incorrect handling of mandated parameter names in MethodParameters attributes
408 JDK-8007720 tools javac b01 Names are not load correctly for method parameters if the parameters have annotations
409 JDK-8197439 tools javac b02 Crash with -XDfind=lambda for anonymous class in anonymous class.
410 JDK-8198502 tools javac b02 Exception at runtime due to lambda analyzer reattributes live AST
411 JDK-8186688 tools javac b03 javax.lang.model.util.Elements.hides does not work correctly with interfaces
412 JDK-8198628 tools javac b04 further simplifications to lambda classification at JavacParser
413 JDK-8199327 tools javac b04 nuke var type name after a lambda has been accepted
414 JDK-8194651 tools javadoc(tool) b01 javadoc: mark the com.sun.javadoc API for removal
415 JDK-8194955 tools javadoc(tool) b01 Warn when default HTML version is used
416 JDK-8193671 tools javadoc(tool) b01 Default Methods tab under Method Summary includes static methods
417 JDK-8195796 tools javadoc(tool) b01 Reduce the size of relative URLs in generated docs
418 JDK-8195805 tools javadoc(tool) b01 Doclet incorrectly updates all attributes in <a> tags when relocating links
419 JDK-8195795 tools javadoc(tool) b01 Organize output files by module/package, not just package
420 JDK-8198522 tools javadoc(tool) b03 Javadoc search broken after output files organization for modules
421 JDK-8182765 tools javadoc(tool) b04 HTML5 must be the default javadoc codegen mode in the near future
422 JDK-8194922 tools jlink b02 jlink --exclude-resources should never exclude module-info.class
423 JDK-8170120 tools jlink b02 jimage throws IOException when the given file is not a jimage file
424 JDK-8196310 tools jlink b01 jlink --suggest-providers fails with missing resource if --output specified
425 JDK-8198417 tools jlink b02 Exclude tools/jimage/ and tools/jimage/ on Windows
426 JDK-8195789 tools jshell b01 Building of test/langtools/jdk/jshell/ may fail
427 JDK-8179858 tools jshell b01 jshell tool: sync nomenclature from reference to online /help
428 JDK-8191842 tools jshell b01 JShell: Inferred type information is lost when assigning types to a "var"
429 JDK-8198573 tools jshell b03 JShell: class replace loses instances
430 JDK-8166232 tools jshell b03 jshell tool: cannot access previous history
431 JDK-8196133 tools jshell b04 JShell crashes when attempting to use bad source file in class path
432 JDK-8193819 tools launcher b01 Error message when module does not have a ModuleMainClass attribute is confusing
433 JDK-8195824 tools launcher b01 tools/launcher/ fails with java.lang.AssertionError
434 JDK-8186009 tools launcher b01 tools launcher test fails intermittently: AccessDeniedException
435 JDK-8038043 xml javax.xml.parsers b03 Xerces Update: XInclude update
436 JDK-8193830 xml jaxp b01 Xalan Update: Xalan Java 2.7.2
437 JDK-8195989 xml jaxp b01 JDK-8186080 merge add back @LastModified removed by JDK-8193586
438 JDK-6857903 xml org.xml.sax b01 SAXException.initCause() does not correctly set Exception