JDK 15 Early-Access Release Notes

This is a draft of the release notes that will accompany JDK 15. The contents are subject to change until release.

Build 5

Support monetary grouping separator in DecimalFormat/DecimalFormatSymbols (JDK-8227313)


DecimalFormat/DecimalFormatSymbols classes are now capable of dealing with grouping separators for currency values. For example, the monetary grouping separator for German in Austria is '.' whereas normal grouping separator is ' '.

Not Yet Integrated

The java.awt.Robot.delay() method will takes care about InterruptedException (JDK-8210231)


Implementation of java.awt.Robot.delay() method was changed to take care about interrupt status.

If the invoking thread is interrupted while waiting in the java.awt.Robot.delay() method, then this method will return immediately with the interrupt status set. If the interrupted status is already set, this method returns immediately with the interrupt status set.