JDK 13 Early-Access Release Notes

Last Update: 2019/01/18

This is a draft of the release notes that will accompany JDK 13. The contents are subject to change until release.

Build 4

Correct UnicodeDecoder U+FFFE handling (JDK-8216140)


The behavior on decoding the code point U+FFFE in the middle of the buffer has been corrected for StandardCharsets.UTF_16[LE/BE]. The decoders have been reporting the code point as "malformed", they now pass through the code point in order to conform to the Unicode Consortium's Corrigendum#9.

Build 3

Remove -XX:+AggressiveOpts (JDK-8216188)


The VM option -XX:+AggressiveOpts was deprecated in JDK 11 and support for it was removed in JDK 12 (where its use was ignored other than generating a warning). Use of this flag will now cause an error on VM initialization.