JDK 14 Early-Access Release Notes

This is a draft of the release notes that will accompany JDK 14. The contents are subject to change until release.

Build 10

Turn off AOT by default and change related flags to expermental (JDK-8227439)


Following AOT support related flags are made experimental: UseAOT, PrintAOT and AOTLibrary. Also default value of UseAOT is changed from enabled to disabled.

Build 8

SunJCE provider now throws NoSuchAlgorithmException for AES/GCM/PKCS5Padding (JDK-8180392)


Prior to this release, the SunJCE provider incorrectly returned a Cipher instance for the "AES/GCM/NoPadding" transformation when a caller requested "AES/GCM/PKCS5Padding". The SunJCE provider now throws NoSuchAlgorithmException when "AES/GCM/PKCS5Padding" is requested. If you are impacted by this issue, the workaround is to use "AES/GCM/NoPadding" instead.

Removed Deprecated java.security.acl APIs (JDK-8191138)


The deprecated java.security.acl APIs have been removed. This includes the the following classes in that package: Acl, AclEntry, AclNotFoundException, Group, LastOwnerException, NotOwnerException, Owner, and Permission.

Removal of netscape.javascript.JSObject::getWindow Method (JDK-8222563)


The obsolete netscape.javascript.JSObject::getWindow method has been removed. This method was deprecated in JDK 9. As of JDK 11, there is no longer a useful way to use this method; it always returns null.