JDK 24 Early-Access Release Notes

This is a draft of the release notes that will accompany JDK 24. The contents are subject to change until release.

Build 5

SunPKCS11 provider is enhanced to use CKM_AES_CTS mechanism if supported by native PKCS11 library (JDK-8330842)


The SunPKCS11 provider has been enhanced to support the following AES CTS transformations for the Cipher service type:

  • AES/CTS/NoPadding
  • AES_128/CTS/NoPadding
  • AES_192/CTS/NoPadding
  • AES_256/CTS/NoPadding

The Addendum to NIST Special Publication 800-38A defines three variants of Ciphertext Stealing for CBC mode: CBC-CS1, CBC-CS2, and CBC-CS3. To ensure interoperability with SunJCE and Kerberos which use the CS3 variant, the SunPKCS11 provider needs to know the variant implemented by the underlying PKCS #11 library and convert the data if it is not in the CS3 variant. A new SunPKCS11 provider configuration attribute named cipherTextStealingVariant is introduced and must be set with any of the following values: CS1, CS2 or CS3 to indicate the CTS variant of the underlying PKCS #11 library, except for NSS as it is known to be CS1. Otherwise, the PKCS #11 CKM_AES_CTS mechanism is disabled.

Build 4

Document Standard Hash and MGF Algorithms for RSASSA-PSS Signature (JDK-8248981)


A new section for PSSParameterSpec algorithm names has been added to the Java Security Standard Algorithm Names specification. This section lists the standard hash and message generation function (MGF) algorithms that can be specified when initializing an RSASSA-PSS signature with a PSSParameterSpec object.

NumberFormat Supports IntegerOnly Parsing With Suffix (JDK-8333755)


DecimalFormat, when the format expects a suffix, now parses correctly when the parse value contains a decimal symbol and isParseIntegerOnly() would return true. Previously, parsing would fail for such cases and the correct value never returned.

For example, in the following snippet, 5 will now be returned by the parse(String) invocation, instead of a ParseException thrown.

    NumberFormat fmt = NumberFormat.getPercentInstance(Locale.US);

Deprecate jstatd for removal (JDK-8327793)


The jstatd tool is deprecated, for removal in a future release. jstatd is an RMI server application which monitors HotSpot VMs, and provides a remote interface for jstat. This will not affect usage of jstat for monitoring local VMs using the Attach API.